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She pushed for higher taxes

Kerry Donovan sponsored a bill that would increase income taxes by $3.5 billion and do it without voter approval as currently required by law.

She tried to bust TABOR and the state budget

In 2018, Kerry Donovan tried to add so many spending amendments to the state budget it would have put the state $300 million out of balance.

Turned her back on small business

Kerry Donovan has sponsored bill after bill making it harder to run a small business. Donovan continues to support legislation that would subject small businesses to more and more taxes, fees, and unnecessary regulation.

Turned her back on teachers

Kerry Donovan has not supported our teachers, voting to cut their benefits and retirement plans.

Ignored rising costs of health care

As Colorado families have seen their health care costs explode, Kerry Donovan sponsored legislation that led to even higher health insurance costs.

Refused to keep Coloradans safe

Kerry Donovan voted to maintain sanctuary cities in Colorado for illegal immigrants, even those who commit a crime.